Factory of Hope

Art is truly beautiful.
Books truly wonderful.
Toys inspire imagination.
Food ignites the senses.
All possible with factories.
Powers the factory called life.

A factory of hope;
Does more than fight despair.
It brings smiles;
To those who need it,
To those who avoid it,
To those who forsake it.
Because you are in the factory of hope.

There is a huge market of demand and supply;
For a commodity such as hope.
Corporations want it,
Consumers need it,
Governments demand it.
So many customers,
So little hope.
What is the logical solution?
I need more factories.

Come in deeper,
I am showing you how to build this factory.
With this knowledge,
You will be always satisfied with yourself.
Money will stop being an issue.
The walls of the factory;
Is people.
The machines in the factory;
Are your actions.
The raw materials for hope;
Is the problems all around you.
I wish to expand, true.
I can't do it without-
Are the expansion, the next factory of hope.

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