Rand Cho's Tale

Rand Cho’s Tale

The path of a Dragon Reborn is never easy. Every other Dragon Reborn has warned and discouraged Rand Cho. Rand Cho just nods, listens, and went ahead on the Dragon Reborn path anyway. Here lies Rand Cho’s tale, as far as the narrator is aware of currently.

Rand Cho had a humble beginning. Born within a family of peasants, he grew up loving the outdoors. His parents recognized the importance of knowledge and therefore worked twice as hard to put Rand through school. Rand Cho proved himself as a boy with intelligence.

Rand grow up surrounded with friends. Some good, some bad. A betrayal or two. Four friends mark two turning points for Rand. The first two of this quad are found in the Academy. Jiggy and Arc. Jiggy has always been the life of the party. Arc is the more quiet and reserved one in the group. Both of them proved vital for Rand’s turning point event in the Academy. The other two friends? Their names are Minerva and Kass. Eventually Rand finds himself developing feelings for both Minerva and Kass.

What is Minerva like? She is the prettiest girl of all. But she is not without her own flaws. You see, she has very severe insecurity issues. In Rand’s own words, “The most high maintenance girl I’ve ever met! Love is truly blind because I chose her anyway.”

Why Rand choose Minerva anyway? It is incredibly hard to live with her. (The narrator has met Minerva too.) She wants every branded product on Earth. The list of flaws can fill an entire page but that wouldn’t progress the plot. It would just bore the readers! The reason is:


Minerva has the Dreamer talent and the viewings talent. This fact was checked and confirmed by Rand himself multiple times. Minerva has lived her entire life trying to convince others that she has such talents. Rand only understood what talents Minerva has and what it actually meant for himself and her after reading the prophecy of the Dragon. In this universe, the prophecy of the Dragon comes in the form of novels written by Robert Jordan. The Wheel of Time series. Rand believed that he has met Min herself in the form of Minerva. The actions and events in the prophecy have been foretold. Rand Cho was armed with the knowledge of the future. What else can Rand Cho do? Did he try to change destiny written in stone? Nope. Did he follow everything written in the book till the very last detail? Yeah, he’s that kind of idiot whose obsession with literature cost many problems in the past. He still regrets till today that he knows about the Language of the Omens. (Rand: “In my defence, Kass recommended me that book and I will usually obey Kass’s orders and summons. Usually.”)

Kass has the ta’veren ability. No matter what she does or where she is, events and people surrounding her will automatically favour her. Kass has found herself a very reliable Warder. Rand thinks that pairing is absolutely perfect, considering the overall circumstances. Minerva once asked Rand this question: “How loyal are you to Kass?” Rand answered instantly: “I would willingly sacrifice my limbs for her. Only an order is needed and no question would be asked.” Minerva and Rand, to the narrator’s best knowledge, are the two most loyal person to Kass. Rand would still sacrifice a limb for Kass now, no question asked. This in turn would lead to this question: Where are Rand, Minerva and Kass now?

A little bit of explanation is needed before that question is answered. Rand Cho knows it is necessary to follow the prophecy. So, he did his absolute hardest to antagonize both Minerva and Kass. The best ending is a tragic ending. (Apparently, Rand’s taste of love story is extremely rare. He loves stories with dead protagonist love interest.) There is another reason Rand did what he did. Rand was terribly afraid of his own future. He believes that all of his own possible futures are dark and only end with deaths (Either his own death or countless others). Rand Cho, like Rand al’Thor, has no heart in himself to inflict such sadness and tragedy on the two most important women in his life.

(The narrator tried to argue with Rand that the future is not as static as the prediction in The Wheel of Time. Destiny should not be frozen in stone but based on your actions today. Rand’s counter: “I don’t dare to even risk it. For once in my whole life where I lived courageously, I am afraid. I have conquered my own fear of death but I failed to conquer the fear of calamity happening to them. I absolutely must not see them sad because of me.” Ironically, Rand’s actions did cause much grief to them both anyway. That bloody idiot doesn’t even have the guts to be honest with them.)

The plan was put into motion. First, antagonize Kass. Second, watch and observe. Third, apologize. Fourth, disappear. There is only one problem in Rand’s plans. Minerva and Kass became bitter enemies. The original calculation and prediction requires Rand to play the stereotypical role of “bad guy” to further unite and strengthen Minerva and Kass. (Rand considers it a personal achievement when he was described as a “person who would watch the whole world burn.” Technically, Rand doesn’t want to watch the whole world burn. Rand wants to do the burning himself. He swore an oath to burn the whole world down. The worst part of this tale is that he actually knows how to burn the whole world down.)

And so, it began. Rand setting off on his own path, Minerva doing well in hers, Kass going off on her own adventure. Within the prophecy, the best ending possible for any Age at all requires Rand to find 3 women and 2 other ta’veren. So far, 3 women and 2 ta’veren has been found. Only one problem: Rand is the most horrible Lannister you can ever find. So, two out of the three is lost. What would happen to this Age? The Final Battle is approaching. The conditions are correct for World War 3 to occur. Rand Cho continues to prepare for war………. 

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