Wilson's Wheel Of Time

Rand Al' Thor was consumed by madness. It came and broke him. He could no longer separate fact from fiction. Everything and anything is possible. The mind was on fire. Sleepless nights, with a voice talking nonsense. Events spiraling out of control. There was no mentor to help channel Saidin. No Forsaken or Aes Sedai to help. Just one boy tossed here and there. Even the aftermath was no joke. To survive, a new Persona was awaken. Rand Al' Thor automatically trusts everyone, including known and habitual liars.

Emond's Field traumatizes Rand Al' Thor. People come, people go. But the past stays the past, no matter how much you wish to time travel. Emond Field, the land where it begin, left a terrible scar on Rand Al' Thor. Over time, it recovered bit by bit. However, Rand Al' Thor is sick of it. So sick of wearing masks every day. So sick of seeing society hating each other. So sick of people craving love from all the wrong places. The Grand Plan is written. The Grand Plan is put into motion. Slowly but surely, the basic human need to connect and love each other will prevail. That is Wilson's gamble. That Light will win this War.

Rand Al' Thor recovers slowly. The years has brought him places. People who suffered, people who dreamed, people who cursed, people who yearned. Talents after Talents. A Masterlist of Talents exists. Most people do not realize this but the era of Mutants is today. More Mutants are awakening. Religion is one way to identify it. Literature and comics is another. Readers, if you are reading this, never laugh when a person tells you his/her ability. Even if the ability is fake, it shows the person trusts you completely to tell his or her power. A Hunter must never reveal his or her power unless it is absolutely necessary. Never laugh at the spiritual side of the world. Science cannot explain everything.

He learns to laugh and cry again. For too long, Rand Al' Thor is depressed. Too many things are wrong. Doing what he loves is wrong. Good friends are all gone. Betrayal everywhere. It was a very slow process, but he came out from his shell, bit by bit. Slowly but surely, he learns. Slowly but surely, he awakens. Laughter and sadness, it all comes in waves. Slowly, the Man Who Cannot Feel, feels. It truly is a wonderful thing to laugh at a joke and cry when you are broken. A Shield which cannot feel hurts both enemies and friends.

Rand Al' Thor came to Tar Valon alone. Tar Valon is a land of ancient knowledge. A land where Aes Sedai and Ashaman gather, all with their own purpose and desire. Rand Al' Thor came in and learned what his true self was. Everything made sense now. Rand Al' Thor left Tar Valon a wiser man. A bigger head is not exactly a good thing though. His heart still yearns.

Rand Al' Thor met Aviendha. Perhaps it was no accident that his first friend was her. Perhaps it was no accident that an entire culture and world is revealed through her. Perhaps. Thank you so much. Wilson, and his entire lineage, owe you a great debt which will be carried forward. Perhaps carried forward even after death, if the Wheel is kind enough to spin me out again.

Rand Al' Thor met Min. Every guy has their own way of describing women. To put it simply, every guy uses a scoring system. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. Min is a 10 (I once told her she was an 8. I lied.). Min is my Robin. Min is the girl that is out of Wilson's league. Rand Al' Thor knows. There is no good ending for anyone close to him. Do I dare to doom the life of the one woman I love to misery and despair? No. I cannot forgive myself if anything bad ever happens to her or Aviendha. I said this before in another previous article and I will repeat it again here. As long as I draw breath, as long as I am still capable, no harm must come to these two. Even if the price is my soul, I will pay it without hesitation. (I previously thought the price for this is my existence in their lives.)

Aviendha chose a Warder. Actually right, I am super happy with this pairing. I ship them. The Chariot can do a better job than me. Hanged Man is just a troll.

Rand Al' Thor remembers every prediction Min made. There is quite a lot of predictions made. Maybe I forgot one or two. But let's talk about the one she made about my future. She predicted that I will only truly love three women in my life. I found all three in Tar Valon. There is no coincidence in the Wheel of Time. Or Language of the Omens. Whatever you want to call it.

Rand Al' Thor grew paranoid with his own dark future. What happens when you put a dark, depressed man with Global Risk Calculation in a room with access to newspaper? He predicts World War 3. The unemployment rate is rising. The world economy is unstable. Political leaders started using references to previous World Wars. More people are becoming mentally ill. Social problems are multiplying. The mass media is painting a bleak and dark canvas. There is a way to stop this flow of hatred and cycle of violence. But what can one dreamer do? Alone, I am powerless. I require a team first. Two Ashaman and two Aes Sedai. An army can be formed later, when open warfare has been declared. I hope and wish, those two are safe from the flames of war. It is coming, as sure as the setting sun.

Rand Al' Thor misses Min every day. Every day. Morning and night. Oh well. Back to my sick games. Stupid things men do when they are in love.

Rand Al' Thor met Elayne. Min's prediction came true, again. Elayne actually fulfilled two different predictions made by her. I cannot tell you what those predictions are. Min knows, yet she doesn't. That's the weird part about prophecy and prophets. Even if you know something will come true, you cannot tell how and when it will come true. In certain cases anyway.

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