Happy Birthday Sarah!


Happy Birthday! Bet you thought nobody in the world cares or remembers, don't ya? Well, I'm full of surprises, and this is not the last of them. Muahahahaha! No cake for you this time round, but let me write an essay for you. It's the least a poet can do for you.

Once, long ago, there is a Sarah in a far away land. She is no damsel. She is no princess. She knows whats good for her. No man, not even her father, can tell her which poison in life is dangerous. (She drinks poison for breakfast. Gives her the perfect reason to be anti-social.) Here is her daily schedule: Eat, sleep, derp, and repeat. Even rock gods bow down to her (To avoid her poison breath attack when she fangirl over them).

Sarah goes on her life, raiding castles with her companions. Who are her companions? Well, her favorite frost giant is her favorite general. God of Mischief they call him. Then you have the world's greatest detective as her butler. A psychopathic doctor who eats humans, a dream merchant who is half insane, a rainbow rabbit queen who dances all day long, a momotaro wind-rider, an extinct dinosaur as big as a continent, and a Hollywood princess from Mars. These are some of her generals when she hunt for wishes and miracles. Much smaller than her army against injustice. Oh yeah, can't forget her soldiers. Her soldiers are engines of pure destruction. I lost my hand training them until they reach their current level. Worth it.

Many wars she fought in. Some lost, some won. All the same, once you have been into enough of them. Good thing she has enough wish and miracle stored up to fix everyone up. Sarah hates death. Nobody dies until she says so.

Life is a funny thing. The best of times comes without a warning. Well, so does the worst of times. Only the living can change things around them. For better or for worst, we do what we can to make this world a more humane place for you, me, and everyone. We live, because we can until Fate say otherwise. There are plenty of reasons to hate humanity. Plenty of evil doers who want to burn everything. Stand, and stand tall. Fight, and fight well. Do not let negativity win, always believe in the goodness of mankind. Nobody is perfect. Perhaps nobody is perfectly evil too. It takes great effort to bring out the goodness in someone. To counter the growing evil in someone. Sarah, thanks for bringing out the goodness in me. Happy Birthday!

TL,DR: Happy Birthday, thanks for the memories!

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