Against the Shadow

Shadows rising,
From Tartarus,
From TVs,
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Drive them back,
Drive them away.

Fight with me, Chie.
Kick them all,
Show them the sole,
Make those shadows pay,
For her and him.
Chie, be my blue cat.

Dance with me, Yukiko.
Heal us all,
Show us mercy,
Make us well, body and soul,
For those who suffers.
Yukiko, be my black cat.

Come with me, Kanji.
Smash their faces,
Show them brutality,
Make shadows regret existing,
For Mummy dearest.
Kanji, be my muscles.

Cycle with me, Yosuke.
Trick them all,
Show your techniques,
Make shadows angry,
For Saki-Senpai.
Yosuke, be my guard.

Oops, there is no more space in my team!
Oh well, maybe next time, Yosuke.

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