Flavors Of Life

Flavors of life,
That sweet flavor,
All those happy memories,
Family, friends, moments,
Blissful and memorable,
All the essence of sweetness.

That bitter flavor,
All those dark past,
Heartbreaks, pain, regrets,
Some keeping us up past midnight,
All the essence of bitterness.

That salty flavor,
All those sexual energy,
Women, men, transsexual,
All those flesh, and that never-ending hunger,
All the essence of saltiness.

That sour flavor,
All those wrathful moments,
Tantrums, rage, hate, screams,
Hurting others as we get hurt,
All the essence of sourness.

That umami flavor,
All those bittersweet times,
Last farewells, adulthood, unrequited love,
Hating and loving these things at the same time,
All the essence of umaminess.

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