The Three Wizardly Oaths

*Heavily based on Isaac Asimov's Three Robotic Laws*

I, a fellow Green Magus,
Hereby swore my oaths,
Which consumed many moos to write,
To carry, obey, honor, and cherish.

A wizard cannot,
Injure a fellow wizard,
Or through inaction,
Allow fellow wizard be harmed,
Non-lethal pranks are allowed though.

A wizard must obey his Master or Masters,
Unless the order is against the First Oath,
Or it is just pure common sense that the order is invalid.

A wizard must survive,
At all cost,
Unless this is against the First and Second Oath,
In which case,
Sacrifices must be made,
When a wizard judges the price is right,
He pays with his life if he has to.

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