Tea, Coffee or Mee

There was once a man,
Whose name was Tea,
And he loves drinking Tea,
Maybe a bit too much,
Alas Mee is long gone,
Where did Mee went?
Who knows?
Tea leaves,
Has a certain way with fate,
Tea leaves,
Leaving disaster everywhere he drinks,
Tea leaves,
To make sure none suffers his fate,
Tea leaves,
Makes great poetry in the right hands,
Now enough about Tea,
Let's talk about Coffee,
Coffee is free,
Coffee tastes like life,
Bitter to those who are unfamiliar,
Sweet to those who are lovers,
A cuppa joe,
Is enough for the day,
Keeping sleep and more away,
Can you imagine Tea without Mee?
How can both taste be separated?
But alas,
Fate is a cruel mistress,
When it was never meant to be,
Can be hard to deal with,
Maybe one day,
There will be a set lunch,
With Mee in Tea broth and Coffee,
For those with adventurous tongues.
Tea leaves,
Poured by Mr. T,
T leaves.

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