Selamat Hari Jadi, Jane!

The happy version first:

Tomorrow is the day,
Her very day,
To shine and dine,
On the best food and wine,
No matter where she is,
No matter what she does,
Taking in all the world has to offer,
Going strong,
As always,
Let nothing stand in her way,
God bless her soul,
Selamat Hari Jadi, Jane!

The depressing version last:

Dear Birthday Kid,
Perhaps you won't ever read this.
But it doesn't matter, I am writing this more as a way to keep my sanity intact anyway.
Hopefully you will find that white knight of yours.
Whether I live or die, a plan has already been placed.
I am just waiting for one of the four predicted endings.
Just like the quote in Harry Potter: "Death is just another adventure for a well-prepared mind."
Just like the Foretelling told to me, I have to choose.
Yet I let you do the choosing again.
So very sorry, but there are too many prophecies and I refuse to hurt you.
Even if it means I have to carry this wound to my grave.
Maybe we will have better luck in the next reincarnation.

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