The Algorithm King

There was once a prodigy,
He was worshipped by the community,
He was a blessing,
To an otherwise unknown location,
Giving much needed fame and fortune,
Providing many with energy and funds,
To pursue their long lost dreams,
The prodigy is a king reborn,
A king not of might,
But of algorithm.
He works day and night,
With unending problems presented by the world,
In order to make it a better place.
He improved everything,
From houses,
To businesses,
To townships,
To general happiness.
His formula works every time,
Even though some of it sounds ridiculous.
The world officially grants him his title,
Of "Algorithm King",
Because they need a genie to solve problems.
He worked and worked yet it is all futile,
As more chaos filled the world,
So too does his despair.
The King was sad,
Because no matter how much he worked,
The world is still in a sorry state.
No matter how good a solution he come up with,
It is all wasted if nobody follows it.
One day, the King stopped working.
He abandoned all his mathematics to save the world,
He took out all his savings,
Went to an isolated spot,
And started his own chess club to pass time.
The world recognizes his resignation,
Judging from the history of his work.
Businesses still send gifts and offers to him though.
He rejects them all.
He once wrote an algorithm that would,
Enable a corporation to buy a country.
That was what the businesses were after.
He can't give it to them because,
The world spirals downwards if it was used.
And so he carries within him,
A seed of destruction of his own creation,
He can't talk about it.
He can't show it to anybody.
He has to die with a secret.

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