The Ideal Class

   In a world very similar to our own, minus a few subtle differences, sits a King who must decide the best way to settle an argument between two stubborn man. Both of them are leaders in their field of study and wish to use their own criteria for selecting the next generation's world nobles. King Aizat is a fair man, listening patiently to both of them pitching their reason, selection and long-term plan.

   The Algorithm King went first after cheating in the game that decides their pitching order (He used a customized magician coin in the coin flip). He began earnestly describing the death of creativity as the breeding ground for practicality (a metaphor for the current population crisis and a mockery of his opponent). "Logic may be predictable and conservative but it works, as history can prove. Do we dare bet the future of humanity on unproven methodology? Lack of data has set us back too many years. Can we afford to lose some more?" His speech depended on King Aizat's deepest desire of protecting what is left of humanity.

   The Algorithm King's criteria for selection is intellectual ability. Thus, he chose the brightest minds humanity has left after countless warfare and genocide to be the next world nobles. A world noble would guarantee the person's bloodline survival, no matter which country goes to war or which resources are lacking.

   "The long game here is to increase the amount of thinkers. People who can count, build and kill at the same time. Growing hostilities can't be cured with a brush of paint. A song meant nothing once your throat is slit. Delicacies don't pop out of the thin air, no matter how good a cook you may be. We need science now more than ever. To deal with external threat and internal dilemma." The Weapon Painter caught King Aizat nodding a few times out of the corner of his eyes.

   When it is the Weapon Painter's turn, he excused himself from the room and came back with a painting. The painting is of a normal family living in a house, except they have no faces. The painting has holes on them to replace faces.

   "Practicality may reign supreme, but art is universal. One brush of paint is enough to show love and sorrow. An eye for an eye makes everybody goes blind. The cycle of hatred that we live in is no answer to all the childhood we have already ruined. We need compassion now, more so than ever before, if we hope to survive as a species."

   "I have chosen the most broken children I can find because they know how much it hurts today. If we heal them, we can create a ripple in the pond. Start a wave that can wash away all the negativity so rampant in our society. The long term plan here is to spread love from these world nobles onward. Their life will be a testimony that reality is not that cruel after all. They can be the living embodiment of hope in this dark world."

   "You chose poorly. Everything will fall apart if they die an early and messy death. My selection are more than capable in the art of self-defense," the Algorithm King sneered.

   "Yours will only make the cycle of hatred worst. Which is worst, an ideal world without love or a lovely dying race? To cut off your humanity for survival is not the way to go with this," countered the Weapon Painter.
   "Both of you have made a splendid argument on the paths humanity can take." King Aizat finally spoke after a long time hearing them arguing like playground children back and forth. "Why not both? (Insert meme here.) It is better if we take the best out of both paths. The Algorithm King has the right to select the next male world nobles and the Weapon Painter has the right to select the next female world nobles. Savage thinkers paired with peace hippies sounds like an ideal classroom recipe to form the next ruling class."

   Both of them gave each other a weird look. Each wanted to win so badly they forgot a middle path was possible. The argument was solved but the future is not written in stone yet.

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