Experimental Writing - Longest sentence story

To tell the truth, many has already tried this before, that thing you are about to attempt at the risk of your own life is detrimental for both your future and past but who cares about timelines and parallel universes since the many Time Lords broke all known Divine Rules just so you could live till this very day that would redefine the history of humanity, again, after God knows how many times, I kinda lost count after my memory got wiped and restored multiple times by those horrendous creatures from another universe which runs this very interesting time-bending experiment with humongous potential for parallel world research, a legit and booming research field among aliens and now, humans too, thanks to your mutant bloodline creating more Time Lords, making them more common in our daily parallel lives because government scientists just couldn't stopped themselves from playing God in their greatest fantasy brought to life by an alien evolution experiment which started way back in time before humans even evolved from apes into the Time Lords we are today.  

I wrote this while high on liquid, cream and solid chocolate.

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