Dungeons & Dragons & Quotes

To be a fighter, or to be a bard,
Now that is a question of class.

I slay dragons, therefore I am awesome.
Life is good when you have guts, glory and gold.

Experience points make the world go round, not love.
Love doesn't level up your character.

The journey of a thousand gold coins begins with a single dungeon.
Never underestimate dungeon loot.

We are made wise by past dead characters,
To role play more responsibly in the future.

It is the NPC deaths that are vital.
NPC deaths make the GM throw in Mary Sue bosses.

Kill with care and seduce with tact,
and remember that best role plays are a balancing act.

It takes a great man to stop a player from killing women,
Especially when he is the highest level fighter,
And an even hornier man to understand carnal role play.

May I interest you in a cup of reflection?
For 10 gold coins, you learn all your strength and weaknesses.
Definitely a better bargain than some old sword or rusted mail.

Discipline is important, attending D&D sessions requires it,
Having discipline meant setting gold goals,
And maxing your martial archetype.

One's philosophy is best expressed in D&D role play,
Where the choices one makes reflects inner nature and desires.

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