The Economics of a Series of very Unfortunate Dates

This is loosely based on the famous credit card commercial and the novel series "A Series of Unfortunate Events".

As bad beginnings go,
These first dates weren't so bad.

Swimwear = RM 200.
Transport = RM 50.
Basket = RM 50.
Food = RM 50.
Beach-side theater tickets = RM 100.
Her reaction when I set her worst enemy, Olaf, on fire = Priceless.

Overseas trip to Peru = RM 4000.
Coconut cream birthday cake = RM 300.
Largest snake I can find = Free (Pure accident).
Her joy while extracting venomous snake poison = Priceless.

Boat ride at Lake Lachrymose = RM 200.
Spelunking at Curdled Cave = RM 200.
Visit to Josephine Library = Free.
Her smile when we found a rare manuscript = Priceless.

Visit to medieval mill = RM 200.
Her new glasses = RM 300.
Teaching her hypnotism techniques = Free.
Her laughter after hearing my lame hypnotism joke = Priceless.

Visit to her alma mater = Free.
Running away after causing classroom chaos = Free.
Luxurious crab dinner = RM 300.
The twinkle in her eyes = Priceless.

Matching pinstripe suits = RM 500.
Broken elevator incident = Free (Pure accident).
Visit to auction house = RM 1000.
Luxury box = RM 1000.
Her kiss on my cheek = Priceless.

Visit to my ancestral village = Free.
Visit to the oldest tree in my ancestral village = Free.
Hot air balloon ride = RM 200.
The image of her beauty superimposed on clouds and sunset seared into my brain = Priceless.

Shopping at the Last Chance General Store = RM 150.
Volunteering at the hospital together = Free.
Stealing documents from the library = Free.
Joining a band together = Free.
Realizing she has both a golden voice and a golden heart = Priceless.

Visit to Caligari Carnival = RM 100.
The Lion Pit adventure = Free (Pure accident).
Hiking Mortmain Mountains = Free.
Realizing this is no longer lust but love = Priceless.

Joining the Snow Scouts = RM 100.
Hiking Mount Fraught = RM 500.
Discovering secret cave = Free (Pure accident).
Creating precious memory together = Priceless.

Swimming in the river = Free.
Submarine ride = RM 500.
Scuba diving = RM 1000.
Discovering Gorgonian Grotto = Free (Pure accident).
The Wasabi Incident = RM 100.
The feeling of having our names immortalized together = Priceless.

Staying in Hotel Denouement = RM 1000.
Playing a game of detectives and undercover cops = Free.
Sugar bowl = RM 50.
Attending a court trial = Free.
Having good chemistry with each other = Priceless.

Island holiday = RM 2000.
Visit to arboretum = Free.
Adopting an orphan baby = A lot of money.
Her saying "Yes." = Priceless.

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