Typical Linguistic Student Invasion

Like a creepily creeping creep,
I invade your country linguistically.

Killing people is so old-school,
Killing languages is the 'in' thing now.

I collect my loan words,
Forming an army of foreign and local languages.

I spy on you,
Your noun characteristics and verb capabilities.

I gleefully plan your downfall,
Striking first at your Achilles heel: Education.

Your next generation forgets their roots,
Speaking my lingo as I scream "Bingo"!

Your future leaders no longer care about independence,
All they care about is dependence. On me.

Memory is a very peculiar ally and simple enemy,
Nothing human techniques cannot modify.

First, I replace the language,
Then I replace the currency.

I don't have to use guns,
All I need are words.

Now the country is mine to play with,
Should I make it a living hell or a heavenly vision?

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