Of battlefields and dancefloors

In one we bleed,
In another we dance,
But is there any difference between them?
For at the very core,
The different extremes of passion is ignited.

One is filled with corpses,
Another is filled with music,
Death changes people,
Love changes people,
Both are life-changing arenas.

Men flock to one,
Women flock to the other,
Men came in for glory,
Women came in for true love,
But do we actually get what we originally wanted?

Killing is an art form,
As much as dancing,
For both requires talent, perseverance and practice,
To achieve rudimentary mastery.
Can a dancer rip your heart out as fast as a killer?

The driving forces of human society.
Can you blame us humans,
For finding the proper outlet to let the animal out?

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