All The Light I Cannot Say

Do you remember?
Those nights spent laughing together?
I do.
Those times sharing both meal and soul?
I do.
All the adventures we had up and down?
I do.
All the movies we watched?
I do.
All the games we played?
I do.
Till today.
Why, you ask?
Because you are my Light.
The Light that I cannot say.

Do you know?
I spend my entire life in shadows.
I owe you so so so much.
Just for that brief glimpse of Light.
The Oath is sworn.
Anytime, every time.
Just say the word.
All my Light, in one person,
And it is already too late to say it.

Do you know how this feels?
Waiting in living hell,
Wanting escape but knowing how much it will cost,
Nights when shadow weights a mountain,
Days when waking up just feels not right,
Moments spend craving Death,
Despair so thick that it is impossible to fight alone,
With you, the Light, as the only known cure,
What more can I say.

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