The Bookstore of Unrequited Love

This is inspired by the book "The Library of Unrequited Love".

To my bookstore of unrequited love.
Here, we claim to cure any and every,
Un-re-qu-it-ed love.

On the bestseller section,
We have books that kill the heart.

On the new arrival section,
We have manuals on dealing with unnatural obsessions.

On the highlights section,
We have books that will rob her heart.

On the classics section,
We have books for hopeless romantics trapped in a casual sex era.

On the non-fiction section,
We have psychology and scientific textbooks on the dance every species must make.

On the thrillers section,
We have tales of nerdy Casanovas described vaguely enough to reflect your love life.

On the humor section,
We have mother-in-law joke books to remind you the horror of actual marriage.

On the travel section,
We have books about men who tried to bury their sorrow with vacation(s).

On the self-help section,
We have books that teach you infinite ways to soldier on or move on.

On the hobbies section,
We have books on every possible thing men can get absorbed into to distract yourself from her.

On the arts section,
We have books to teach you how to draw her in every shade and material.

On the philosophy section,
We have books explaining how love makes the world a better and worse place to be in.

On the economics section,
We have books arguing the cost-benefit analysis of the current trend of true love versus arranged marriage.

On the leadership section,
We have books that cater to both stubborn idiots and weak losers.

On the I.T. section,
We have books teaching you the keywords every woman look for in an online dating profile.

On the children's section,
We have books on friendship only because seriously, at that age?
Stay friends first until age opens up your eyes.

Feast your minds in my niche bookstore,
For there is no other out there.

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