The Vanisher King and 12 Starlight Maidens

This is a poem inspired by the manga with the same name.

On this throne sits the Vanisher King,
Judging, thinking and playing,
Games where pawns feel and live.

The first Starlight Maiden, Aquarius,
I bestow upon you the Glass Heart,
Fragile, yes, and also transparent.
Use it often and it will evolve according to your true self.

The second Starlight Maiden, Pisces,
I bestow upon you the Fire Mind,
Intellect bright enough to burn the sea.
Use it with caution.

The third Starlight Maiden, Aries,
I bestow upon you the legendary Excalibur.
You are my trusted blade.
Use this only when your heart tells you to.

The fourth Starlight Maiden, Taurus,
I bestow upon you Stone Body,
You are my foundation.
Keep using this all the time.

The fifth Starlight Maiden, Gemini,
I bestow upon you Shape-shifting Metal,
Craft to your heart's content.
Use it all.

The sixth Starlight Maiden, Cancer,
I bestow upon you Dreamwalker,
I am counting on you, Puppeteer.
Use it wisely.

The seventh Starlight Maiden, Leo,
I bestow upon you Oath Rod,
Within lies all my promises.
Keep my oaths secure, please.

The eighth Starlight Maiden, Virgo,
I bestow upon you Magic Bible,
Within lies all magic.
You are my brain.

The ninth Starlight Maiden, Libra,
I bestow upon you Scales of Justice,
Your judgement is final.
You are my judge.

The tenth Starlight Maiden, Scorpio,
I bestow upon you Mosaic Heart,
Where Glass Heart is beautiful,
Your heart absorbs others.

The eleventh Starlight Maiden, Sagittarius,
I bestow upon you Silver Tongue,
Making all your words sweeter than honey.
You are my mouth.

The twelfth Starlight Maiden, Capricorn,
I bestow upon you Thor's Hammer,
For you alone out of the 12 are worthy.
You are my forge.    

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